5 Tips to Boost Your Career Page

When vacant positions need to be filled, it is important to make use of all possible means to get the news out into the job seeking community. While there are many job boards available at your disposal, it helps to have a page on your website made specifically for that purpose. A career page not only allows interested candidates to browse through your open positions, they also get first-hand information about the company. That would be a plus for the company’s marketing goals as well. Is your career page all dusty and neglected? Here are some tips on how you can get it back out from storage and optimize its purpose:

#Focus on Human Connection

When posting job descriptions on your career page, make it targeted to a specific audience. If you are posting to the general public as a whole, you might not find exactly what you are looking for. Specify the industry and the type of professionals you are aiming to reach.

Upon doing this, make sure that your job description doesn’t read like a prison sentence. Try to keep the technical to a minimum and instead, focus on the heart and soul of your company, the opportunities that you can offer, and the candidate’s dreams and desires. More than salary and benefits, candidates look for something they can excel at. A company that can bring them from point A to point B, or even further. Remember that making it personal makes your career page achieve the highest level of purpose: human connection.

Integrate a Recruitment System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is crucial in the hiring process. However, there is a much easier way that does more than organizing all candidate data: Applicant Relationship Management or ARM . This not only helps companies get rid of the manual admin data input tasks that human resource employees get bored of, it enhances the candidate experience. Integrating a system in your career page makes the hiring process easier, more organized, and a lot more beneficial to both parties.

Timely Updates and Engagement

Have you ever gone to a career page where job posts date back as far as five years ago? This gives a negative impression to candidates. They either think that there is no opportunity in your company or that the company does not give a damn about their career page at all. It is important to update the page regularly. Remove job posts that have already been filled and post new ones, if there are any. It is also important to respond to applications and inquiries. Sure, it takes time. The good news is that Talents4 can (also) manage it for you.. 😉

Ease of Use and Navigation

There are company websites where the career page is tucked so far away from plain view that viewers search for hours before finding it. This shouldn’t be the case. If you are really determined to find the best possible talent out there, make your career page easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy to use. Put a button for applying online and make contact details clear.



Be Mobile-Friendly

Almost everyone is on mobile nowadays. If your career page can only be accessed through a desktop or notebook, then you’ve just limited your chances of find “The One”. Making your website mobile-friendly isn’t an impossible feat anymore. Also, it would be helpful to add sharing buttons there so those who see it could share it with someone who they think would be a good fit for the job.

Talents4 is the Intelligence Behind Your Career Page!

We strive to enhance both Recruiters and Candidates Experiences with our innovative and insightful technologies.

Artificial Intelligence, UX Design, ARM (Applicant Relationship Management) will help you to:

  • Develop Your Employer Brand and create a relevant traffic to your Career Page,
  • Engage your the community of your applicants, now and for future hiring,
  • Gain insights and have updated information on your talent pool,
  • Reduce drastically your time and cost per hire
  • Comply to laws and regulations on Bio-datas collection and use

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A.I. : Is Recruitment still an Art?

Technologies, internet, social network… give everyone of us the opportunity to connect, engage with people all over the globe through different channels.

The better are the HR and Talent acquisition specialist in your company, the more channel they have created to source and find the People you need, the more difficult become their jobs.

A good sourcing strategy leads to a lot of applications…Great! But how to cope with all these candidates? How to screen all of them in a “decent” time frame…

We all know, for having been candidates, that Time is perception is different when we are looking forward a feedback, a call or an interview, isn’t it?

With all the innovation going around, several tools have already been designed and developed to improve the recruitment process. It has improved but not in a life-changing way…yet.

How AI Will Change the Recruitment Process

In the recruitment industry, AI is more of an “augmented” intelligence rather an artificial one. It aims to enhance the hiring process without completely taking the human recruiter out of the picture. With this, if it holds true, recruiters have no reason to worry about losing their jobs. With AI:

  • Recruiters would be able to effectively provide highly-qualified candidates proactively, rather than waste time backfilling after the first set fails to impress the hiring company.
  • Recruiters acquire extra time to use for a more personal interaction with a candidate, giving them the opportunity to see if the candidate is a fit.
  • Recruiters work more efficiently based on accurate data and more targeted profiles.

How Will it Benefit Recruiters

  • Time Efficiency
    The most time-consuming task of a recruiter is sifting through the numerous resumes and finding the right fit, according to over 52% of the talent acquisition industry. The worst part of this task is that over 70% of the candidate resumes are unqualified. For every single position, the process can be quite repetitive. AI can automate the repetitive tasks and complete it a lot faster and more effectively without disrupting the workflow. This means recruiters would be able to compete against fast-moving competitors. They won’t have to hit the ceiling for losing the best possible fit to someone else.
  • Quality of Hire
    In the recruitment world, turnovers happen quite often. An effective AI system that sorts through the resumes and finds the best possible match to job requirements in terms of experience, skills, and knowledge would be tremendously helpful. How? Productivity is increased, recruiters are more motivated, and hiring managers are happier.
  • Engagement
    More than 60% of job seekers say it takes timely updates from a recruiter to gain their respect. Sadly, a majority of candidates do not hear back from a recruiter. An AI is designed to enhance the hiring process by doing more than what a recruiter has time to do. One tool, called Mya, for example, answers questions about everything relative to the job, the hiring company, and provides updates about the hiring process as well.

Challenges of Incorporating AI in the Recruitment Process

An AI recruitment system needs to have enough data to properly screen resumes. It may require around a thousand resumes to be able to pick up a human recruiter’s efficiency in screening profiles.

AI machines have the tendency to learn biases. Since it will be completely dependent on the data a recruiter provides, it could trace a pattern and then adapt that pattern for all screening tasks from that point on. For example, if it detects that a recruiter often selects a male candidate even if the job description does not require it to do so, it might think that the masculine gender is a highly preferred one. Or if most selected candidates graduated from a certain university, then it might automatically select only those from that particular university. It does not even matter if the pattern is caused by the recruiter’s personal preference or just by chance.

Many different technologies in the recruitment industry have come and gone. Some work pretty well for some time, some ineffective even during beta testing. For this reason, it is unavoidable that some recruiters are skeptical about how AI would help. So they double check all results in doubt of its effectivity. Some might not even want

So…Is the recruitment still an Art?

At talents4, we do think that Yes, it is, and has never been so true before! Technology produce better, faster art craft tools, why not a robotized arm. Our job is to provide you with cutting edge tools and technologies, made for Humans.

“Artistic Eye”remains yours, and we believe Vision will always be…

What do you think?

#LaFrenchTech #InnovationForumSingapore-France

It was both an honor and a learning experience for Talents4 to be part of Singapore-France Innovation forum under the patronage of the French Republic President, Francois Hollande. For both countries, poor in natural ressources, innovation is a need. Along with championning life science, fintech and others industrial sectors, A.I. and Talents were key topics discussed. Industrial cooperations deals and academical partnerships between leading universities has been signed. Bright future for #lafrenchtech and talents4 I A.I. for recruitment is glad to be part of it!